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Meditation on Ultimate Reality

Noumenon is mind, and phenomena, cosmos. When the ignorant mind discriminates between noumenon and phenomena, unreality arises in the form of confusion, and sometimes madness.

By viewing both noumenon and phenomena as one, nondual reality arises, and thus serendipity. For nonduality is the ultimate reality.

Only in the ignorant mind is the reality of existence suffering. Indeed, the mind that realizes nonduality is real has attained Nirvana.

All of what has just been written about the cosmos, the mind and reality is True. Only unbelievers doubt this Truth about reality itself.

Beyond the Buddha is Adi Buddha, the primordial Buddha. Though he is no Creator, Adi Buddha is the originator of all things, even the Creator and his Creation, the cosmos.

Although this Truth is alien to the Christian mind, the mind of the Buddhist accepts it as True and real.



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