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The Diamond Mind of Religious Pluralism (satire)

In the crystal clear diamond mind, the many faces of God are revealed, be it Mohammed, the Christ, Abraham, Zoroaster, Lao Tze, the Dalai Lama, and all prophets and sages throughout history.

For the diamond mind begins with the Buddha.

Each of these prophets are but lights Of the divine life whose message of unconditional love echoes throughout the ages as the Name-that-calls among Pure Land Buddhists, Kyrie Eleison among Christians, and many other chants and prayers of Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Neo-Pagans, Taoists and all clergy, priests and shamans of all faiths.

When humanity worships in celebration of the spiritual, their religions reflect on the divine nature beyond the material world as though the whole world is in God's hands.

When each religion takes the unconditional love of a higher power and promotes peace on earth and good will to everyone, the mind of each of us is like the diamond mind of the Buddha, shining bright and clear with the radiant light of wisdom.

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