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A Brief Thought About Pain Medications

I once had surgery, and was given a prescription of Tylenol-3. After taking one dose, the feeling of euphoria had me high as a kite: I felt like I was on the ceiling. Unnerved by the experience, I stopped taking the rest of the T-3s and suffered through the pain of healing.

A week after I healed, I took one more T3 and *didn't get the same feeling at all*. That only proves that codeine gives me a high tolerance after one dose.

For my current problem with insomnia and pain, I'll stick to gabapentin and baclofen at bedtime. There is no tolerance to either medication, and the risk of addiction is low. As well, moderate exercise makes the pain go away during the day.

During the day, sitting at the computer also tends to lead to pain. Frequent breaks away from my computer lead to toleration for pain. Most of my pain is due to sitting for too long in my chair. I find that taking a break at least once an hour helps reduce the pain.

When I walk too often, my left hip and left knee will start to bother me. Though, the pain subsides after reducing how fast I walk. My left shoulder joint also bothers me. It is most likely a combination of sleep position at night that leads to pain.

Baclofen relieves pain in my shoulder, and gabapentin reduces neurological pain. I used to take cyclobenzaprine but recently decided to change my medication because its use becomes less necessary after three weeks.

An added bonus is that baclofen use may reduce addiction cravings. As well, gabapentin helps improve sleep.


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