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Propaganda and The So-Called War on Terrorists (satire)

IMO the biggest fallacy on the Internet is this: "All Muslims are terrorists." This is the fallacy that the Mainstream Media (MSM) put out daily in their broadcasts. Yet they fell over themselves trying to paint the Chapel Hill terrorist as an angry man who hated Christians and Muslims equally.

Yes, you heard me correctly: I am labelling the far-left atheist turned anarchist a terrorist. Why? To show that the label "terrorist" is as ridiculous for an atheist as it is for all terrorists who hide behind religion.

This explains why the MSM use the neutral term "extremist" rather than applying a religious label since such extremists hide behind religion.

Even when the false flag terms "Muslim terrorist" and "Islamic jihadi" are bandied about, it is used by MSM as propaganda to distract from the fact that these conflicts in the Middle East, and in the Ukraine are about oil and supported by Big Oil.

So far, when exposed to this truth, the people who buy into this propaganda will go to any lengths to denigrate naysayers while paint the term "Muslim terrorists" as an unrealistic fact, despite it not being anywhere near the truth, except in their minds.

To put it bliuntlu: Big Oil wants Syria's oil. It also wants Libya's oil, and Iraq's oil. It wants a pipeline to traverse Afghanistan from oil fields in Kazakstan to Pakistan, and it wants Russia's oil to keep flowing through pipelines through the Ukraine into the EU.

Most likely, Boko Haram is a distraction from the fact that Mr Jonathan is unwilling share the wealth with all Nigerians, which is a factor in extremists who arose from marginalized Muslims in northeastern Nigeria.

This is the truth that the true believers of "Muslim terrorists" do not want the world to hear. They would rather perpetuate the propaganda that this war is about religion while ignoring the strings being pulled by Big Oil.

Thanks to Big Oil for pulling the wool over their eyes. All the naysayers will just pretend what I just wrote is a conspiracy theory and fall for the MSM lies about "Muslim terrorists."

For not all Muslims are terrorists. Indeed, these extremists hide behind Islam.

Sadly, the fact that few people in the West bother to educate themselves about Arabs and Islam is obvious in how they focus on the Quran and perpetuate hate on Muslims.

Aisha being 9 when she married Mohammad? A fiction concocted to justify child marriage, which is a tradition preceding Islam.

The growing militancy depicted in the Quran? A fiction concocted by taking the Surahs out of context and scrutinizing it from a biased point of view.

It is not the Quran that is the problem with Islam. Rather, it is the fact that the hadiths seem to be misused in a way that reflects the patriarchal tradition preceding Islam. Even shariah has been misused by the extremists, contrary to the ethics contained in the Quran.

I will call the antipathy towards Islam fiction when it is based solely on anti-Muslim propaganda designed to foment hatred towards Muslims. There has not been an unbiased reflection on Islam by certain elements of MSM, but rather a biased slant that paint it as militant.

Such is propaganda, for it creates the fallacy that the object of hatred is worth hating, and thus distracts us from the authors of that propaganda: the elites who stand to profit from their investments in Big Oil.

We in the West are dupes if we believe that Muslims are our enemies. The true enemy will always be the elites who do not care if we fight amongst ourselves, as long as they maintain their investments.

This is why I have stated previously that bombing the oil wells and the pipelines will stop the conflicts in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and even the Ukraine.

For the conflict is not the West versus "Muslim terrorists." Rather it is the haves versus the have-nots. They even profit were the far-left to fight with the far-right over Israel, through their investments in weapons of war.

This is why certain elements in the West will not confront the fact that the elites are controlling the people through the State by pushing the propaganda about "Muslim terrorists" since it is safer to believe in a lie than to face the truth.

Yet they will insist these lies about Muslims are the truth, because it fits their limited world view.

Thankfully, they represent a small but vocal minority.

Most people loathe the fact that the elites are controlling our view about wars in the Ukraine, in the Middle East and in Africa. Yet the protests against the propaganda are filtered out of the MSM's stream.

IMO the TV political pundits will discount anti-war demonstrators because serious discussion about the propaganda might lose profits for their masters, the 1% that controls most of the world's wealth.

This is why the call to explain the War on Terror as a "religious war" was given. It is a ruse to divide the people so that the State can control them. As long as the right-wing conservatives are fighting with the left-wing libertarians, the rich can profit from the confusion.

In the end, the West will continue the drama as report by the MSM in support of their masters. We all want the Islamic State wiped out. Yet this drama is orchestrated by the elites for their profit, including the training of the extremists by Israel, Turkey and other players in this sick drama called war.

As for myself, my role is to watch it all and remind the people that Big Oil and their elite masters wants this drama in the name of free market capitalism.

While the rich profit, the middle class is made all the poorer as they fight among themselves, encouraged by cleverly placed propaganda by the State, all thanks to the MSM.

This so-called war on terrorism is inspired by carefully placed propaganda. And the only people laughing on the way to the banks are the rich.

Update: March 12, 2015 @ 1330

According to propaganda from Raqqa in eastern Syria, Assyrian Christians' lives have been lost to the Islamic State extremists.

From the extremist's point of view, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria bases their ideology on radical Islam, and their foot soldiers are intent on ushering the End of Days.

That's right: these Muslim religious fanatics are not only deadly, they believe themselves to be the chosen ones of God Almighty, ready to fight with the armies of the Anti-Messiah (the West led by America).

What irony! All of Christendom believes they too are fighting the armies of the Antichrist (jihadi extremists).

In truth, this is merely a distraction from the fact that both the 'anti-Isis' coalition and the ISIS have their eyes on the oil wells, both in eastern Syria and in northern Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Russian government is in full support of an anti-ISIS coalition that is authorized by the UN Security Council and is in accordance with international law.

For the proxy war in Syria and in Iraq is based on Big Oil interests lobbying for control of the lucrative oil market in the Western nations, both of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition and of the proposed UN-approved coalition that Russia wants.

Coincidentally, the 25 cents per litre drop in the price of petrol in the latter part of 2014 was followed by the rise to the same prices before the drop occurred. A lot of oil investors profited from the resulting rise in oil prices, and speculation points to a lot of oil shares being turn into cash to fund the US government's anti-ISIS coalition.

Somewhere in America, Big Oil investors are still laughing on the way to the bank.

Originally posted: Feb 23, 2015 @ 11:08 PM PST

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