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Meditation on Compassion (philosophy)

If the world is full of people who are the least bit compassionate, then why don't we shine before the crowd?

It might be because we only care for family and friends before the world. Yet we care about the suffering in far off lands and at home, enough to support charity and other causes.

We may also not shine because of schadenfreude, when it's best to laugh when others fall, lest we cry upon learning the misery that the poor and homeless undergo.

So, yes, the world is full of people, some of whom are caring, and also of people heartless that you wonder about their true state of mind. Were it not for the heartless, the good in the world would be common, that few people would suffer alone.

So, know that being alone is more the curse. For how can I truly shine without you?

Be it that it may, happiness and misery never exist forever, but become the process of compassionate living, and each of them a temporary boon or burden.

Yet it is unconditional love that is the source of all joy, and complement to faith - with hope being the drop of liquid sunshine that is charity. With these things, each of us learns to become compassionate, each in their own idiosyncratic way.

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