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Sexual Stereotyping Evidence of Patriarchy's Gender Binary Propaganda (satire)

Sexual stereotypes like this are based on binary genderism promoting the male versus female differences.

Regarding women seeking the strongest type, not all strong men are capable of becoming the equal in a relationship.

Likewise the stereotyping of men as always looking for other women.  In certain cases, this may be true but most of the time, the man has female friends who are not truly  rivals, but are sought out because the girlfriend or wife is unable to articulate herself in a straightforward way that makes sense to a man.

Flirting with a rival male to make a male significant other jealous isn't straightforward.  It is a mindgame because a simple request to pay attention to her ought to be a part of the social compact that males and females implicitly agree to.

Mind reading by either sex is also a mind game since neither of us is telepathic.

Thus, the statement — "the males are like Bluetooth and females, WiFi" — is flawed.

Any male or female who tries to use it as a guide to a strong relationship will eventually find the stereotypes enable fallacies about male and female human beings, which may lead to either fanatical belief in, and enforcement of, the gender binary or worse,  unhappy relationships and marriage.

Relationships are very much more complex than the internet and its technology.

Even so, the humor is appreciated.  If you thought I was being sarcastic, then you are correct.

For sexual stereotypes are tools used by the patriarchy to maintain the lie that gender is binary.

Neoconservative elites of the patriarchy both in the Church and the State need to make money, and simplifying gender into a binary is what heteronormative means, since it simplifies the sales of product based on the gender binary of man and woman.

While I am not an expert on gender and relationships,  I do understand that the statement that "men=Bluetooth and women=WiFi" means that we have a lot of work to do to expose the fallacy of gender as binary for the lie that it is.

Furthermore, the fallacy that men and women are like technology shows that this hilarious post reflects the extent that the "gender as binary" propaganda of neoconservative elements in Church and State is spoonfed into children's minds from cradle to grave.


Synopsis of what I just wrote:  men and women are not technology but instead are complex people. If you believe that gender only exists as a binary of man and woman, then you have fallen for the propaganda that follows us from cradle to grave. 😉



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