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Fuck Politics! (satire)

This is a FYI addressing followers and/or members of G+ who conclude from off-the-cuff remarks I made about misogyny and sexism.  I as the messenger am sometimes accused of being a misogynist and sexist by certain #SJW within the communities both on Google Plus and on social media, e.g. Reddit.

"Hori ez dela nire asmo bat!" ("This is not my intent!") was what  the Basque iraultzaileen (revolutionaries) were sometimes hear to shout when the Spanish government accused them of being terrorists rather than freedom fighters that they all were. Today they are politicians after they chose to serve their community rather than to continue to blow up Spaniards.

In response to such ignorance by my fellow revolutionaries who ought to know better, I have only the motto of the Order of the Garter to remind my accusers that this is evil thinking - "Honi soit qui mal y pense". 

Though the word "honi" is borrowed from the Basque, the overall meaning in this context is, "just because I mention misogyny and sexism,  your accusations of me regarding misogyny and sexism are but blaming the messenger.

For I am not a misogynist nor a sexist; rather, my use of misogyny and sexism help to inspire hyperbole and satire.

If you punch a fascist as Antifa, then you have become the fascist.  Your high ideals and higher moral ground is a disgrace to freedom and democracy, and your only claim is to degeneracy and perversions of all kinds.

Until people of color, especially women, are no longer oppressed like those so-called terrorists in Europe, the New Left's cause is lost in parties on the weekend while a few revolutionaries begin a slow descent into the madness of drug abuse and the endless cycle of addiction and rehabilitation.

Yet not all revolutionaries are addicts. For the majority of the New Left are productive and sober members of society.

As for women who follow me and were offended by direct messages prior today, I have only this excuse: "I am old school and the metrosexuality of the average beta male who fronts feminism could lead I as a fool to become a misogynist and sexist by one small error, to listen to the heart when the voice of reason cries "Resist, resist, wafi sabil allah eiz wajil" (Resist, resist, for the sake of God Almighty).

No, I am not a terrorist for speaking Arabic; I am a revolutionary for peace, love, unity and respect.

Fuck ISIL, and death to the death cultists known as Da'esh.  My thanks to Russia and America - work together to make politics great again!

For those feminists in the know, I rebuke the youtube male feminist who shot dead his co-streamer, a woman.  Social justice ideology condemns murder as more heinous than shutting down free speech, and I condemn Antifa supporters for that.

In closing I will also deny that the presumed to be terror attacks in Europe and the UK are by terrorists.  They were , are, and  have always been freedom fighters.

In closing, I have this to say:

Après avoir été qualifiés de terroristes,
les combattants de la liberté
ont perdu leur cause de liberté,
et l'Occident - le monde libre -
n'est plus ce qu'il était.

After they were labeled terrorists,
the freedom fighters
have lost their cause of freedom,
and the West - the free world -
is no longer what it was.

As for extremists,  they have lost their true reason for existence - to free their peple from oppression from the majority, who are "whiter" than they are, while taking the moral high ground.

This is not a race war, because the race ideology is based on pseudoscience - it is a fact that the West honors the light skinned over the dark skinned people. 

This is not racist; this is the once unspoken truth, a manner of apocalypse, my revelation to freedom lovers everywhere.

If you are truly a revolutionary for freedom, you know what greater jihad means.  Even if our right-wing detractors mock us, remember this:  jihad is the holy war against the worldly, not all of humanity but only those people who have lost their way.  So offer them the true way of freedom lovers, charity, loving-kindness or whatever you call it these days.

And remember that I am not an Islamist nor am I what label is used to delegitimize my place in the history of freedom.

Finally, as my German friends might think, I say: "Die einzige gute Party ist der Block Party. Fuck Politik!" (The only good party is the block part! Fuck politics!"

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