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A Lone Pacifist Speaks (satire)

One by one, our rights in B.C. are being lost.

While our right to protest has become eroded by legislation, not all the protesters are in solidarity. Some of them are even throwing a monkey wrench into the struggle.

However, I refuse to become militant. For non-violent confrontation works for me.

The B.C. Liberals haven't changed from my grandparents' days.

Today, it isn't the Japanese community that's under attack. Now it's almost anyone who won't follow the corporate agenda, and become the sheep at photo-ops where the participants gleefully throw our tax dollars at symbols of the attack on the environment, on the homeless, and on anyone with the guts to stand up to them.

I refuse to follow the New Left because they vowed to bring disorder and chaos; and I refuse to follow the NDP because their compassion is shallow.

For those people in power will not resist the temptation to abuse their authority. Lord Acton still has it right after all those years: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."


Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect -- the four truths I live by.

It is time for a change, people of BC. Big Business should not be contributing to a political campaign of an election, but this is why the BC Liberals are still in power. It is also why the Conservatives are in power federally.

Thus, federally, the Green Party gets my vote every four years, while provincially, it will be the Greens once again.

My reason for this is because the People have never been heard by any other party. If you think they were, then you are mistaken. As long as first-past-the-post elections are held, the voice of the People will continued to be ignored.

For it is a tradition to only pick either the Liberals or the Conservatives, but it is Big Business that almost always supports the winner because they pay for the disingenuous politicking. This includes the mainstream media in BC.

Everything on the television is merely propaganda, be it advertising or PR from Victoria.

Yet mainstream media will filter out alternate views that challenge the status quo, usually by banning it. Censorship has kept out the fact that much of the daily news is slanted in such a way as to favor the neo-conservatives, given that they have a lot of money to sue people who reveal a truth everyone but they want known.

Therefore this never was a free country. Since WW 1, Canada has routinely interned enemy aliens, be it Ukrainians, Japanese Canadians, peaceful German farmers, and even Doukhabour children kidnapped from their parents.

If this was a free country, then it would legalize marijuana. Instead, Ottawa made marijuana laws so tough that if three or more pro-marijuana farmers agreed to grow and distribute marijuana for medical reasons, then they will be falsely charged with conspiracy to traffick and spend a minimum of ten years in jail. Being that there are more than three people in that medical marijuana operation, it is also gang-related. For that they will get another 10 years. This is why in BC, the police claim that "all grow-ops are not mom & pop; they are gang-related." In this way does Ottawa manufacture gang members through their drug crime laws.

If this was a free country, then prostitution would be legalized and made a health concern too. Pandering and pimping however would remain a crime. Any dissent by the moral minorities can easily be remedied by showing them how many of their brothers were Johns, and that repression of prostitution is done mainly to avoid competition with the second oldest profession: religion.

Sadly, we cannot ban politicians because if politics were banned, we'd have more sociopaths who promise us heaven but cause hell when they can't live up to their promises.

Original post: March 10, 2007 4:32 PM

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