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Stress Causes Autoimmune Diseases Including Cancer (satire)

We need Vitamin K & D, magnesium, calcium, boron, and essential fatty acids to maintain good bone health. Regular Vitamin D & Calcium pills don't cut it. These nutrient also help with immune health.

Most of our autoimmune diseases are due to lack of these nutrients. YMMV

They also help keep us sane along with the B-vitamins, Vitamin E, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, vanadium and molybdenum.

Therefore guy bacteria will keep us sane IF we don't go on a diet or on drugs.

But most of our mental problems have to do with subclinical malnutrition.

That creates all kinds of behavioral disorders that lead to mental illness, mainly due to auto immune diseases.

I even believe hereditary schizophrenia is an autoimmune disease since stress does cause high levels of cortisol which impairs the immune system. yet schizophrenic rarely get cancer because of the antipsychotics they take.

So it might be possible that antihistamine effects of seroquel might have anti-cancer effects by preventing histamines from occupying histamine receptors, leading to programmed cell death. That is, preventing histamines from occupying those receptors leads to normal death of cells.

This implies that survivors of a bad case of flu who don't medicate with cetirizine and NAC might develop schizophrenia OR cancer depending on their genetics.

That is because stress doesn't cause cancer or mental illness. Rather cortisol impairs the immune system AND the endocrine system.

Except for the boron, I'm covered. All I need is to each 100 grams of raisins to get more than 4.5 mg of boron a day. Well, that most definitely beats snorting borax.

Boron helps bone health:

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