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My Time on Facebook is Over

After two years on it, my profile was disabled by the Facebook Team sometime between Thursday May 6 and Saturday May 9.

After I asked why my account was disabled, they stated that my online behavior at Facebook violated Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. As a result of recent online behavior, I will not be able to use Facebook. According to their email to me, the Facebook Team's decision is final and cannot be appealed.

This decision means I cannot create another Facebook account using my Yahoo account since FB's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities prohibits me from doing so.

Thank you, Facebook Team, for telling me why my account was disabled.

Thanks also for your prompt response.

After getting banned from other Internet forums (Clubvibes especially) as a result of previous on-line behavior, I plan to make no effort to create a new account on Facebook using another email account.

Instead, I plan to spend my time here editing my blog, and to return the focus on spirituality inspiration based on Buddhism and other faiths.

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