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Argument against Suicide

Suicide is based on the false premise that one's life is so worthless, one escapes from the shame of it by suicide.

To counter this argument, I say that one is suffering from a delusion in which one thinks one's life is worthless, and that it is brought about by negative reaction to one's quality of life.

Usually one is alone and cut off from social life, or at the least, from spiritual worship, which requires a respected priest, minister, or loved one.

At the root of depression is the feeling of being unloved, yet one also denies oneself self love.

Then the antidote contains loving kindness.

One learns through prayer and meditation to love oneself just for today.

I add to that God loves all who love Him, yet it is unconditional love. I won't go further than this because it's the topic of reigion forum.

Secularism is at the root of depression as its practice leads to mental unrest.

Religious practice is at the root of depression's cure or its secular analog, psychotherapy.

It also helps to have faith that God loves you, or if atheistic and/or agnostic, that faith in true love implies that suicide is based on self hatred.

When we learn to love ourselves, that is the path out of depression away from all thought of suicide.

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