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Being, Emptiness and Oneness

Oneness encompasses everything, and transcends self and other.

Emptiness is a quality shared by everything, for all things, being impermanent, are empty of substance.

Beingness has to do with existence, in the here-and-now. Being impermanent, it too is empty of substance.

But what of nothingness (nihilism)? If one denies of the existence of nihilism, does that not confirm nothing exists? No, for that is a fallacy, as the denial of nihilism proves that everything exists due to dependent arising.

Thus, nothingness is a ridiculous delusion, much like the non-existence of self. All the concept of non-self demonstrates is that emptiness of self is an important truth of life.

Because everything exists due to dependent arising, all of this (being, emptiness and onesness) is in flux.

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