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China and Religious Pogroms Against Tibetan Buddhists and Falun Gong

China pretends the Dalai Lama clique exists, to distract the world from close examinations of the cliques in Beijing, which have more substance.

Also, there are more people who aren't in the cliques than there are those in them.

Indeed, there is no Dalai Lama clique. This is an invention by the CPP to fuel their paranoid accusations of the Dalai Lama as charlatan and fraud, and more specifically as a political leader wanting more than autonomy for his people.

In actual fact, the Dalai Lama only wants autonomy (self-rule) for his people, and the good of Marxism rather than the tyranny of the state which has been reified to replace the Three Spiritual Gems of China (Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism).

By doing so, the Chinese trample on Buddhist precepts because they only respect the cult of Mao which powers the State and its myriad cliques.

Their poltical repression of Falun Gong too is due to the cult of Mao.

Why? Because they fear Buddhism and Falun Gong will distract people from reverence for Mao.

Yet Buddhism and Falun Gong both preach service to others, and so are not China's enemies. CPP made them their enemies because reverence to Mao shows respect to the reified State.

Even though the CPP claims Buddhism and Falun Gong are superstitions which must be trampled, the cult of Mao too is a superstition. Reverence for Mao will not make China strong; what makes China strong is people inculcated with the willingness to be of service to the State.

Both Buddhism and Falun Gong preach this, and disproves that members of both religions are a threat to the security of the state.

Thus in trampling on the spiritual goodness of Buddhism and Falun Gong, CPP is showing religious hypocrisy. In claiming Chinese should be atheistic and should replace the "superstition" of Buddhism and Falun Gong with the cult of Mao, CPP only shows how ignorant its clique truly are.

Indeed, neither religion is an enemy of China; China's true enemy is reification of the State.

This is why the cliques ruling Beijing are living in interesting times. Each one claim to be true to Mao's word, yet are each in it for their own gain.

People there still practice Buddhism and Falun Gong without thought of revolt, for both religions encourage their devotees to be of service to others.

Thus the powers that be in Beijing have more to fear from their cliques than from the people. Their pogroms again Falun Gong and Tibetan Buddhists are merely distractions to confuse the world and China's people.

Yet not all people in China listen to the state on this matter. Only the people who believe in the state are afraid of Buddhism and Falun Gong. Everyone else carries on as they were, being of service to China.

No one cares if one lights joss sticks, studies Lao Tse or follows the Analects. All they care about is to help China be prosperous and strong.

Yet all China is doing by trampling on Buddhism and Falun Gong is make the State look stupid.

Therefore China should stop reifying the state, and instead accept the help of its own people, not distinguishing between Buddhist or Confucist or Taoist or Falun Gong or Maoist.

For even Mao demands that of its leadership.

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