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The MAO Theory of Madness

Actually men produce vasopressin at orgasm.

This lowers blood pressure.

This is also how man destresses, and does not go crazy due to stress.

Indeed, men who kill report not having had time to attend to their sexual needs before they go on a rampage.

So there may be a connexion between vasopressin and monamine oxidase (MAO) receptor expression.

Without MAO, a person would have an excess of neurotransmitters.

Without MAO a person would develop insomnia, then hypomania, then mania and finally psychosis until he dies from lack of sleep.

This is why most anti-psychotics have an antihistamine effect.

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Radha Santadharma said...

Anti histamines affect the mast cells which release histamines causing swelling, inflammation.

Anti histamines in contrast reduce swelling and inflammation, and cause sedation.

E.g flexeril is a muscle relaxant which has some antihistamine action.