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Blog to Write "It" Out

"It" refers to my thoughts and opinions, with careful consideration of what I write.

I enjoy going back to edit my blog until what I write feels true to me — usually closer to reason than gut feeling, though sometimes with a mix of rational and emotive thought when necessary.

Yet I prepare my thoughts before I put my feelings out.

For blogging isn't a daily process at the moment because a life solely lived on the Internet lacks the inspiration that interaction with people in real life brings.

While that's my opinion, we are all free to chose how we manage our lives, accordingly.

Though there is more to life than living on the Internet.

Every time I step out of my home, I savour every moment away as much as I do when returning home.

Writing a blog entry helps me to express my thoughts, and explore my feelings in a way which is more public than my private journal entries.

Although public opinion requires appropriate content, much of my private writing will not be exposed in this blog so as to preserve my peace of mind.

For self-disclosure of matters best left private has often been unsettling, and sometimes embarrassing to me.

Sometimes I even dread reading this blog after staying late the previous night, least I discover that one of my posts of the previous day contains something which might come back to haunt me.

That's easily solved by going to bed at a decent time, coupled with thinking long and hard about what I wish to write helps me to rest comfortably.

That blogging has helped me become aware of the difference between self and other is why I keep blogging.

If I wish to be helpful to others through this blog, then it's by expressing myself thoughtfully and with careful consideration of the fact that other people may be reading it.

Yes, I am careful about my choice of words when blogging, and admit to some self-censorship.

Other times, though, when the topic is abuse and violence, I will express my feelings strongly.

Life is too precious to wish the worst happened to other people — if I had done so in this blog, then I will find that entry and having regretted writing it, edit or delete it, depending on how I presently feel about the content I'd been writing.

If that's called being inconsistent, then I am guilty of it. If in the past I wrote something that insults someone or makes light of tragedy, then when I find it, I'll edit it to remain consistent with good taste. If this is self-censorship, so be it.

While that may sound politically correct, this blog would not be online long were I to step outside the boundaries of common sense.

With careful preparation, I like to blog to write it out — my thoughts and feelings about myself and others.