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Update on My Medications

A couple days ago, I tried 10g of Reactine for its sedative properties. A mild sedation was experienced but it left me feeling anxious and edgy.

Since then I have not used any more cetirizine due to the anxiety.

However, I prefer flexeril for the sedation I get the day after.

This is what sedation feels like for me with either drug: I feel mellow, and am able to moderate my negative emotions and remain positive despite the stress of daily life.

Even the pain in my left shoulder went away on flexeril.

Usually I take gabapentin (Neurontin) with flexeril at bedtime. Gabapentin is used to moderate pain, and relieves my anxiety. Flexeril is a muscle relaxant.

Yo prevent dependence on gabapentin, I take 100-200 mg. Likewise for flexeril, the dose is 10 mg.

Neither drug causes physical dependence. However, one may become habituated to either drug over time.

As well, I have never noticed any changes in behavior that could not be explain by other factors such as stress.

Therefore, when used according to the recommended dose for each drug, flexeril and gabapentin are useful in getting adequate rest at night.

For me, both medications are safer than the alternative.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any person taking any medication mentioned above at more than the recommended doses, either alone or mixed with other drugs.

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