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First a Moment About My Favourite Cellphone Unlocker

Earlier today, I changed my blog's background theme.

we now interrupt this blog entry with a moment about my favourite cellphone unlocker

Then I went to get my Samsung A767 unlocked at my favourite place to get cellphones unlocked. Before I rant about the change of background theme on my blog, I'm going to do my first advertisement in a blog, which is a customer satisfaction plug rather than a paid advertisement. After digging in my wallet to find beyond SCREEN, I realized the proprietor has a website. If you are in Vancouver and don't know where to get your cellphone unlocked, then please check out beyond SCREEN. This is the second time I got one of my cellphones unlocked for $20. When my Samsung smartphone was unlocked, it took less than 30 minutes. This time around, it took 24 hours for the proprietor to get the unlock code and unlock my phone. I also paid upfront for getting the A767 unlocked around 11 AM yesterday after he copied my IMEI and personal information, and returned about 24 hours later with my phone. This time, he unlocked the A767 in less time than it took with my smartphone.

we now return you back to the rest of today's blog entry

GooglePlus members in my circles may have noticed my new blog theme.

Rather than the decidedly black theme, we're presented with a brown background theme. I must've been mentally constipated when I picked that theme. However, it appears to be a winner because one of the previous posts I wrote has gotten 10+ hits since posting it at 5:39 PM today.

Okay, sure, sometimes the first post of the day gets a lot of hits, but not within 4 hours of posting.

I think the last time I got 10+ hits was with the Sex Sells Commentary on Use of Women in Consumer Marketing. Though it only hit 11 the last time I reviewed my blog's webpage statistics.

Ok, wait a minute. 10 web hits isn't rare. As well, it turns out that my poems are sometimes popular and sometimes not. Ok, so it isn't the brown theme. It's the circumstances of that poem. ;)

Oh well! It might be a slow night. 0_o

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