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My Hope for the Future

Overall, reduction of oppression of women of color.This may be done by egalitarian means.

Elimination of child neglect and child abuse.

Elimination of the glass ceiling for women, or better, women executives competing on the same level of men, due to men's enlightened attitude, throwing off patriarchy's disempowerment of both men and women.

Discovering evidence to counter the effect of religion as disempowering women by making Buddhist practice less of a religion and more of a lifestyle change. For Buddhism has shown that when practiced outside of patriarchies in an egalitarian society, demonstrates that Buddhist women benefit as much as men do.

As well, I believe that less oppression and sexism actually occurs in society than it did 100 years ago.

However, neither men nor women should be the privileged sex, as both feminism and patriarchism promise.

Rather, an egalitarian society without glass ceilings, oppression of women and of men, and safety of boys and girls from harm is the ideal.

As well, it's time to change myself for the better to ensure these hopes are put into action first through speech and followed through with action.


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