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Myopic Thoughts on Male Prostitution

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Feminism has led to me wishing I'd been born female, but that's unrealistic.

However, it is homophobic to call a straight male gay if he expresses such a wish when his desire to become female is tempered by reality and motivated by egalitarian ideals rather than the patriarchy that claims to foster equality of gender rights yet condones sexism by both sides of the gender debate.

At the moment, the choices to get out a bad situation a woman has are exceedingly greater than for a man in the same position when at risk.

For example, a female prostitute can get pregnant or get married to avoid the situation. If a bad trick is after her, she can escape to a women's shelter. If she has a drug addiction, there's rehab. As well, she can delay prostitution to a later age than men. She is at risk for victimization by rape and murder.

A male prostitute has to avoid gay bashing, sodomy (rape) and murder. He also has to wait until 18 before seeking to get out of the business, because he could end up being taken from one home and placed in another, rather than actually have the core issue that he may share with his sister of the night: threat of physical and/or sexual abuse in the home he lives in. If that threat is absent there, then there may be an abuser awaiting in the immediate community.

I feel that social workers need to step up the scrutiny of foster homes, to prevent abuse. The kinds of foster parents which ought to be closely scrutinized are where one or both parent has an untreated mental illness, untreated drug addiction, or both untreated mental illness and drug addiction.

These problems cannot be properly treated if the minor is treated to the chaos involved in fostering, as sometimes it leads to unsafe environments even though the foster care system says otherwise.

This is why male prostitutes wait longer before exiting prostitution.

Sometimes a male prostitute will have been oppressed by a family member physically and/or sexually. If discovered by the State, then it leads to the chaos of foster care. If not discovered, then it could lead to at-risk behavior such as suicide by either the fast route (hanging, poisoning, slitting wrists, gun) or the slow route (drug addiction including alcohol and tobacco, abuse of pharmaceutical drugs particularly narcotics, cutting and similar forms of self abuse including the psychological).

It is important for the State's agents (social workers) never use any method available to them to play the blame game with the parents. However, the parents' objections to removal of their child still need to be included in the court evidence when a male prostitute who is a minor is taken away from his birth parents and inserted into a foster home. In no way is the State to allow homophobia to guide its hand in this matter. Thus, the State has no say at all in sexuality of its charges in a foster or group home.

The same recommendations above also apply to group homes, and this includes regular training of security guards who ha to put up with psychotic children who have been abused from a young age.

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