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Buddhism is Childproof!

Buddhism is appropriate for children because:
  1. the Buddha isn't God and therefore won't suggest kids will go to hell for being children.
  2. Buddha never forced anyone to believe in his philosophy. Usually people came to him.
  3. I've never seen Buddhism preached on TV, even during Dalai Lama news bytes.
  4. "Preach the Dharma" is more like a long, boring school lesson, whereas Christian preaching is religious propaganda.

If children were taught Buddhism, which preaches peace and loving-kindness in a non-religious manner, then perhaps we'll have children who could excel in school due to meditation's effect on critical thinking.

Perhaps then, all children would rather catch that poor innocent wasp to throw outside before it dies instead of torturing it was a magnifying glass.

OK, maybe not, but I cannot see any exception to teaching Buddhism in middle school because it's more of a philosophy and psychology than a religion, apart from a few examples of Chinese Pure Land Buddhism that only looks like superstition to detractors of Buddhism ("daemons" as afflictions or externalized projection of the mind).

Sorry, Buddhism is only a religion to keep a roof over its head.

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