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Let Go of the Past!

Let go of your past,
lest by clinging to it
you lose hope for your future.

It is by thinking about the past, and clinging to one's memories of it that distract the mind from the truth that the future is more important than the past ever was.

Thus it is vitally important to constantly maintain the future thought to be good i.e. one's basic goodness extends into the future.

By continually and naturally producing good thoughts, one is actualizing one faith in the Primal Vow and belief that the Pure Land awaits all who believe in Amida Buddha and his 48 Vows.

It is these successive thoughts that forever involve good, for they arise from belief in Amida Butsu and his Pure Land and the faith in his Primal Vow.

Any intent to recover one's past risks suffering. Thus, the prudent devotee knows that close examination of the dark memories of childhood is foolish and in vain. She remains focused on the future, because recovering the past will impede her progress, and perhaps even prevent her from being reborn in the Pure Land, were she to obsess about what cannot be changed.

For the future is yet to come to pass, and thus is open to change. It is under the control of anyone who seeks to attain a future where good thoughts dwell.

By meditating on good thoughts, evil thoughts are vanquished, and their calculations are for nought.

By focusing on good thoughts in our future, we light the way to the Pure Land.

For our present journey is illumined by the boundless light of wisdom and nurtured by the boundless life of compassion.

This article is dedicated to my roommate who currently holds fast to her past, and thus is blind to hope in her future. Were it possible for my good thoughts to burn away all of the evil karma locked in her past, I would meditate until my ass is numb.

However, the teaching of the Dharma to her requires the simple means of replacing the yellow robe with the hempen garment, and replacing Buddha with Jesus.

Thus, it would take a miracle for her to stop clinging to her childhood experiences.

For I am not a miracle worker. However, through my Buddhist practice, I hope to strengthen my sincere faith and belief in Amida Buddha. It shall help me to be be better able to provide emotional support.

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