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Pure Joy of Liberation

Enhanced by quiet meditation,
pure joy takes the disciple
the journey from ignorance to
wisdom through the mindful practice
of loving kindness — treating
all sentient beings with kindness,
and patience until compassion
uncovers the treasure of Buddha Nature.

When I uncover Buddha Nature,
that same pure joy arises in my heart,
yet I dare not blow my horn
lest anyone who has an "Aha!" moment
be disturbed by my happiness,
for this is the pure joy of liberation.
Such moments are a blessing
to us all, when they happen.

Though, if I had such a moment,
I would have doubts, because
the joy after meditation is
different from the manic happiness
that comes from an awful place.
True happiness is buoyed by the joy
attained through meditation.

For such joy is due to liberation
be it through chanting or via zazen.
Either practice helps one develop
the samadhi called one-pointedness,
until one achieves Nirvana.
If this happens suddenly or gradually,
then would it be easy or difficult
to achieve the goal of Buddhahood?

For both the Zen master
and the Pure Land devotee
aspire to become bodhisattvas
and are determined to
attain Buddhahood, though
this is not for the lazy and indolent,
but for the wise along us.

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