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The Truth According to Buddha

The ego is devious because it tells you about the lie called the "self", which is actually alaya conscioousness.

What is alaya consciousness but the place where karmic action is stored with each action done in this life?

He who denies the truth about ego is indeed deluded!

Mistaking alaya for the soul, only a fool would deny the truth, so that his reality alone prevails.

Yet such a reality is nonexistent, but only exists as a hallucination that the courageous would dare escape. Yet few of us try.

If I were lying to you about Truth, I'd call it a lie, for 'self' is empty of all existence, due to ego-delusion.

Delusion itself arises out of ignorance.

Can you see where this is going?

Ego lies to you, and claims the "self" is the immortal soul. What poppycock!

When will all sentient beings awaken to Truth? Only the seeds of karma transmigrate, due to Buddha Nature.

If I were to say anymore, then I'd only be repeating myself and contribute to rebirth in Samsara.

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