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Ten Deeds of Merit

All sentient beings are potential Buddhas; all they are required to do is to realize Buddhahood is to cross over to the Middle Way, by abandoning their worldliness and following the Ten Virtues.

While this seems like a simple thing, few sentient beings are able accomplish it due to attachment to one or all of the Ten Evil Acts. In order to practice the Ten Virtues, the practitioner is encouraged to practice the Ten Deeds of Merit:
  1. Charity (giving without expectation of reward)
  2. Morality (
  3. Mental culture (meditation and reading the sutras)
  4. Reverence or respect
  5. Service in helping others
  6. Sharing merits with others
  7. Rejoicing in the merits of others
  8. Preaching and teaching the Dhamma
  9. Listening to the Dhamma
  10. Straightening one's views
If it is not possible to practice all of the Ten Deeds of Merit, then Buddha Recitation will prepare the devotee for afterlife in the Pure Land of Bliss.

Ten Evil Acts:
Ten Virtues: to not practice the Ten Evil Acts

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