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Is Big Beautiful? Or Making Obesity Sexy?


What is it about a voluptuous woman that turns men on, and sometimes turns their thinner rivals jealous?

It could be the assumed fertility of thick women. Who knows? My first girlfriend was morbidly obese (400+ at 5'9.5"), and said that her period was not monthly.

This revelation tends to agree with the hypothesis that extreme thinness and thickness causes menstral dysregulation, and that they ought to be the ONLY women getting the Pill.

However, today's women use the Pill to get the same play men have been getting since the dawn of post-modern society with mass media propagandizing youth and the meme "thin is healthy and sexy" to the point where young men are exposed to pedogenic influences both on TV and in computer media.

Perverts are not born; their minds are finely sculpted by propaganda.

If the memes were sanitized, then there'd be hoopla about mind control but mass media uses propaganda to promote soft-core pornography to sell product.

BTW, big is beautiful and sometimes, obesity is sexy.

Thank you, Linda Marie!

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