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Mental Negativity is the Dark Side of Ego

Sometimes I'd rather be a Westernized Asian rather than fall for propaganda designed to create hatred against another nation, be it Japan, Germany or America.

Hatred causes and arises from mental negativity. It is but an ally of anger which is the root of all negativity.

Indeed, negativity is the dark side of the ego left in control of the mind, sometimes with tragic yet preventable results (war, famine, and other human problems).

Only patience and love will stand up to anger. As for hatred, it is transformed by love into compassion. For love has opened the eyes of people who once hated and they repented.

Within context of Buddhism repentance is mandatory after admitting your faults in front of fellow Buddhists.

This brings out humility, which helps the Buddhist vow to "think good thoughts" as Zen Master Hui-Neng suggests.

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