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"Satan is Dead": The Myth of Satanism

The marketing of satanism as diabolism is silly. Human sacrifice in modern times is murder, no matter how it is rationalized by purported satanists. Indeed, the devil, satan, and even demons are mental and physical negativities of a person or group of people.

Yet, as a Buddhist, I believe that good and evil have no external existence as fixed points of time and space. Rather, what we create has either good and evil attributed to it by public opinion.

Everything I just said about evil in the previous two paragraphs applies to God. Yes, I am saying God and even Jesus are projections of basic goodness.

However, mixing Christian sybolism with Buddhist symbolism often leads to cognitive distortions like confusion and even cries of syncretism despite the fact that much of the Bible hints at syncretism in the New Testament.

Even so, I will deny that the mind stream is akin to the soul, which violates the no-self principle. For even the soul is subject to a finite existence.

Even though this brings up eternal life and how Christians misinterpret Buddhism, I'm not talking about it. I'm discussing the myth of satanism.

Mass media loves to perpetuate the propaganda about satanism because it scares the churchpeople and then they can do public service by doing a mini series about it.

Even so, I will stick to my denial about satanism. My earlier comment about human sacrifice being diabolism implies only that the evil that man does is created by his acts against humanity.

Ok, I'm done with this topic for the time being, but reserve the right to beat this dead horse some more.

Oh yes! SATAN IS DEAD! Vive le diable!

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