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My Two-Bits' Worth on Naughty Bits (NWSF)

You know what I noticed: a woman is as likely to get -labiaplasty- a part of her naughty bits removed than a guy is willing to make his naughty bits bigger.

It makes me wonder about the shaming that goes on among men and women from childhood to adulthood regarding their bodies.

Even though that isn't about to make me get surgery to make my naughty bits larger, I've concluded that my inability to achieve orgasm through coitus is related to size.

However, I also know that making my package larger will result in it being longer when flaccid. This implies it will get in the way a lot. It also means I have to fish around to pull out my junk when urinating.

As well, if my anorgasmia turns out to have nothing to do with package size, then the surgery can't be undone.

Ditto for removing a part of a woman's naughty bits. Though, from behind, the panty line would be smoother. >:)

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