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Why Didn't Anyone get Busted for Receiving Child Porn?

Why didn't anyone get busted for receiving child porn from Amanda Todd's stalker?

Why didn't they report the pictures to the police instead of allowing the bullying to happen?

I'll tell you why: because Amanda Todd was biracial and not white. Being outside the In group meant that she was prey to all the boys who she was sexually active with, who most likely had a copy of her boob pics from the pedo-bear who groomed her.

She was also the subject of scorn by all the girls in her school who received her pictures, even though they too should have reported the pictures to the police, too.

Instead, they judged her without even knowing they were participating in the pedo-bear's sexual harassment of Amanda Todd.

This is why I feel that the safety and security of children online needs to be discussed in middle school, not high school when it's too late.

As well, every one who knew of Amanda Todd and received those pictures, but got the wrong impression of her, everyone of them aided and abetted in the crime of sexual harassment, especially the boys who were sexually active with her.

In short, it is statutory rape to have sex with a minor, even when you are minor too, because none of the boys admitted he had those pictures to her before consent.

IMO she committed suicide because because they only wanted sex with her because they had her pictures.

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