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Recap on the Gas Attack in Syria

Early this year, evidence appears regarding Britam facilitating movement of chemical weapons and other munitions into Syria via Turkey. This has been ongoing since before Stevens is killed in Benghazi last year, using Libyan weapons stockpiles captured by Libyan al Qaeda militants.

In Syria, munitions including chemical weapons falls into a Saudi militant's hands. He gets an untrained group of militants to handle the stuff.

Militants accidentally release gas that kills 1000 civilians in Damascus.

Militants then claim Assad dropped chemical weapons, and al Nusrah vows to drop chemical weapons on Assad in return.

Obama then claims Assad crossed red line regarding chemical weapons after drawing a line in the sand in July regarding use of such weapons.

UN sends in inspectors to examine bodies and take samples of evidence left over by accident.

CIA develops cover story that claims intelligence operatives hear official cussing out Syrian chemical weapons unit which gets news coverage by massmedia outlet. Everyone thinks al Jazeerah America is a reputable new source, despite being too pro-rebel and unbalanced in its reporting of Syrian civil war.

The truth gets airtime on conspiracy theory websites mainly because the truth would subvert the propaganda that Assad gassed his own people, and thus gets debunked as "fake."

Meanwhile, the fake news about Assad is accepted as "true" just because Obama and Kerry say it's true, because they have "proof."

Well, the truth is, America is strapped for oil and just wants another country not giving it oil to give it oil.

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