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Schizophrenia as Reaction to The Madness Called Society (satire)

I personally do not believe the schizophrenia is a mental illness, but rather the result of the breakdown of social conditioning, evidenced by inappropriate behaviour and thought due to loss of inhibition against them.

Unconsciously, the schizophrenic is more likely to break the rules and introduce novel rules, while defending society's rules to the death even when it means his loss of freedom as mental patient.

In contrast, the reason why some schizophrenics are non-compliant has nothing to do with rules but with a strong phobia about loss of autonomy.

Rather than now breaking into a long rant using evidence to back up my claims, I will instead encourage the reader to read the book mentioned in the reference below.

For it is repression of the libido that may be the first sign of stress that accumulates resulting in schizotypies (eccentricities) which might evolve into schizophrenia, depending on the social culture into which an individual is born.

It is more useful to develop a prevention strategy to reduce the effect of stress on people's psyches, to prevent schizotypies from becoming full-blown psychotic breaks which are consistently mislabelled schizophrenia of unknown etiology.

Am I denying that people with schizophrenia are schizophrenic? No, but I am denying that it is foremost a mental illness. Rather, schizophrenia is the result of social repression in that the inappropriate behaviour and especially speech which is usually repressed due to social conditioning is an internal rebellion against social rules that manifests in inappropriate external forms.

The cure for schizophrenia then is to recondition the schizophrenic mind in a democratic socialism which allows the positive inappropriate behaviour and speech (aggression leading to laughter) but disinhibits the negative inappropriate behaviour (aggression leading to violence).

This also requires other people to embrace their eccentricities, and to avoid denying that society is form of madness.


Marcuse, Eros and Civilization

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