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Unconditional Love - The Sublimation of Libido (satire)

Sublimation is when you wake up sexually aroused, but rather than "giving in to temptation", you turn it into gold — something as healthy as sexual expression — by reflecting deeply on unconditional love. This is not repression of the libido; this is sublimation.

Even though you are turned on by desire and passion, you ought to reach higher than base desire and physical love for unconditional love. For masturbation puts conditions on your sexual love, specifically it's a mess to clean up after it is over. Sublimating it into reflection on unconditional love places no conditions on love itself.

This is why unconditional love is greater than the libido, because millions of human beings do so every second until that love becomes the wellspring of productivity sustaining each of us.

Most of the time, sex propagates the species. Unconditional love propagates the good will of society. Yet the few people who do procreate are enough to sustain the world's population and even surpass expectations.

Overall, we have a greater capacity for unconditional love by being honest about our desire while showing willingness to sublimate it into unconditional love.

In my humble opinion, each person may decide to become sexually active, or most often, not. Yet unconditional love is what society shares with its members.

By sublimating sexual desire, a person becomes a productive members of society through work and play.

Original post: October 16, 2013 05:32 AM
Last posted: January 5, 2014 at 3:54 PM

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