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All You Need is Love, Russia! (satire)

Originally the Bolsheviks were supported by Great Britain until the atrocities Stalin did woke them up to the crypto-facist violence underlying the Communist facade of the Soviet Union.

Because of the dictatorship of the Communist state in Russia, one cannot call this a truly Communist nation, but rather a legitimate criminal enterprise organized along political lines in order to gain international prestige which stole from the rich and poor without discretion, and shared it only with their cronies.

What Russia was at that time was a State-controlled capitalism based on Communist ideals. Yet it was greatly supported by its fellow member states in the UN due to the short-sightedness caused by adhering to Communist ideology rather than treating its people with respect.

At the root of the Soviet era was the centuries of Orthodox Church domination through the Czar who reign was legitimized by support of and by the Church.

Indeed, the Orthodoxy also legitimizes Putin's and all leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States since the Soviet Union fell.

As well, Russia has been influenced by talks between the Orthodoxy, Bavaria's Christian Democrats and possibly America's New Apostolic Reformation with regard to their anti-homosexual law.

It seems that the oligarchs of Russia run their corrupt government with the same brand of autocracy as in their former Soviet days, with the military acting like the largest mafiya in the world, unwilling to share power with its minorities and willing to reframe the notion of freedom fighters as terrorists, despite the fact that in the Commonwealth of Independent States, your freedom is compromised by corruption and the Church.

As well, there is no distinction between Russia mafiya and the military since they are essential cogs in the Russia political machinery.

Apart from the politics and the religion, Russians are friendly and wonderful people.

That they are so willing to remain complacent due to the autocratic nature of their government makes Russians especially hardy under adversity.

Sadly though, because the Orthodoxy still influences the government, Russia will remain a corrupt State because autocracies like it depend on the complacency of its people in order to better exercise absolute power.

What is the point of the Russian people revolting when their disaffected youth can enjoy the decadent freedom of being Neo-Nazis and act as the youth arm of oppression against immigrants and homosexuals with criticism by the Church falling on deaf ears?

What kind of criticism might the Russian Orthodox Church declare? "Stop abusing your Nana! Instead displace your anger that was kindled as a spoiled child by your mother on the homosexuals, for they are lowering the morals of Mother Russia."

What good is a revolution now when the aftermath of the original revolution trampled over the rights and freedoms of intellectuals?

It is much better to remain complacent and be ever compliant to the demands of the State in Russia, lest a would-be oligarch hire the Russian mafiya, or better yet influence a certain Russian general, to correct your "conduct unbecoming a citizen of Russia."

People of Russia, I love you more than I love your government. Please steal the unconditional love your Orthodox Church has shared with you and other minor religions of your Commonwealth and sell your love to today's new Moors: The Chechens! For the true threat to you are the Neo-Nazis!

I'll tell you a little secret about Russian history: Russia is a nation of immigrants, for Slavs have been dominated by Vikings, Greeks, Huns, Goths, Mongols, and the Ottomans. Now only Turkey remains, its immigrants scaring your Nana as much as a Chechen martyr might by bombing a theatre in Moscow..

Yet I ask you to embrace the immigrants out of unconditional love, because your love for Putin and his alliance with the Neo-Nazis will come to no good. His recent anti-homosexual law only shows how closely tied Putin is to the Church. For he is only currying favor with Russian Christendom in order to control the Russian people through threats and intimidation if you are immigrant or homosexual.

God forbid you are both!

For all you need is love, just like John wrote.

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