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The Mother of All Evil (satire)

The penultimate confirmation bias is when some people are convinced satan is real because of crime, war and terrorism.

What actually causes crime, war and terrorism is those nurturing moments of self esteem boosting by well meaning parents morphed into really bad Halloween costumes like the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman-ex-wife trio and the b-gal girls, both of which got too much attention.

In the midst of their narcissism, well meaning people are letting their sense of privilege escalate into death threats. In no time, someone is going to get hurt, usually by outraged people.

Did the two girls who dressed in black-face go out on Halloween like that? Probably not.

As for the Martin, Zimmerman and ex-wife trio, the last I heard, the girl got canned from work.

On the plus side, they are all famous for the wrong reasons in the black community.

However, I am waiting for Al Sharpton to step in and weigh in because that will determine whether the outrage might lead to more black on white crime in north Philadelphia and other ethnic hotspots across the US.

At the moment though, Halloween just got its childlike innocence destroyed by the moral outrage over politically incorrect costumes.

As a result, I am sure Anonymous might be cyberstalking the guilty parties involved when the moral outrage grows strong enough to mount an online lynch mob, rather than attract violent sickos.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, all you have to do is direct a badly written movie insulting Mohammad and people riot, right after the mullahs work them into a frenzy by shouting "Death to the Great Satan!" in Iran and "Yankees go home" in Saudi Arabia.

It is ironic that that notorious movie was blamed for the killing of a US Ambassor in Libya when it actually was a militant operation designed to extract one or more of their own from the CIA compound. The reason why the CIA had captured the men: to determine where munitions ended up. It is most likely the ambassador was killed to prevent anyone in DC from knowing where those munitions ended up.

My guess is, al-Qaeda got their hands on Libyan munitions in Syria.

Meanwhile, back in America, there is little hue and cry that the US government was funneling money into the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, the Egyptian people were outraged that America was giving the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt money directly without scrutiny by the military and overthrew Morsi.

Perhaps the CIA planned it that way, knowing how anti-American sentiments are an institution in most mosques in the Middle East, along with conspiracy theories about Zionist control over money and propaganda.

It makes the bad taste in Halloween costumes seem surreal in comparison.

Who cares about bad ideas in Halloween costumes? The really bad thing in DC is supporting al-Qaeda indirectly by siding with the rebels in Syria.

The other bad thing is supporting terrorism and war by buying gasoline for your car. Every time you gas up your dollars makes Kuwait and Saudi Arabia rich. Probably a couple pennies out of every dollar spent on gasoline supports al-Qaeda.

Yet we find this logic to be ridiculous, because in our world of mass consumption, all buying gasoline does is make the gasoline companies happy and us happy that we get to work faster to work than on public transit.

If you love your cars more than public transit in your city, could it be because your privilege of driving a car exclude your positive contribution to a safer ride on the bus? That's assuming that you are a law-abiding citizen in your SUV. Public transit needs your help riding the bus. Just make sure you practice all that socializing you learned when the masses were learning hard knocks from the school of life.

I can imagine the privileged aren't going to give up their second car due to their concern about crime on the bus. Yet they may be suffering more road rage due to air pollution and mainly the mental pollution caused by child care nurturing of self esteem by doting parents without daring to teach humility to their child, lest it traumatize them.

Meanwhile their kids love a certain cute music celebrity - take your pick which one you think is cute - who is fronting hip-hop and the culture it implies. I am not probing deeper into this culture lest I get death threats. I like my face just fine and unbroken.

Regarding that confirmation bias regarding crime, terrorism and war, it is because of laws made by the majority that visible minorities receive justice. If that justice is deserved, then it ought to be meted out humanely. Otherwise it leads to crime. If that justice is inhumane and is supported by the State, then it may become State terrorism. All other forms of terrorism are children of the State, some legitimate but mainly illegitimate. When the terrorism becomes well known, the UN may decide to wage a just war -- that is, if America does not start one to serve its own foreign policy requirements and US government obligations to whoever supported the warmongers in the Senate.

In short, confirmation bias leads to crime, terrorism and war until we only see crime, terrorism and war in the world today.

This occurs when the elites of society opt out of dealing with life. It begins with not teaching kids the value of humility for fear their self esteem will be destroyed forever. It leads to narcissism, which can be summed up as "the privileged self importance a person deserves at all times."

If you really want to stop crime, go ride a bus and share your self esteem freely. I am sure some narcissist will put you in your place.

If you want to prevent terrorism, then free everyone who does not drive by selling that second car.

If you want to prevent war, then sit your ass on the next bus and open your eyes to daily life.

For neither war, nor terrorism nor even crime is due to satan but to humanity's undeserved sense of entitlement.

Yes, I am suggesting that selfishness is evil. However, I am only referring to acts of selfishness which have a criminal component to it. This might include certain hate crimes as well. I am certain that the mass media industry is complicit in it, just to get more subscribers and even higher ratings.

In fact, I'm sure of one thing: consumerism is the mother of all evil.

Pardon me for cutting this short! I have a bus to catch.

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