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If Selena and Justin get Married, Then We are Doomed (satire)

Apologies to the doomsayers of Protestant Christianity, but I feel that this is apt, considering how much you guys preach against Hollywood.

Selena's camp think it's a bad idea, because nothing good comes of mixing Catholic and Protestants when the latter tends to be caught giving in to temptation. If this guy is a good Christian, then I'm not going to hell, even though I am a Buddhist and my ideology is sometimes deemed New Age and thus implies my destination in the afterlife isn't heaven.

Of course not.

My destination is the Pure Land. It is not even a Buddhist heaven. It is just a place for angels to be instructed on Enlightenment before our reassignment to either the Six Realms of Desire or wherever our karma takes us.

Returning to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, were I a Revelations fan, Chapter 17 might describe Hollywood. The Genesis quote implies the battle of the sexes.

My use of the doomsday myth is to poke fun at the Christians, both the Catholics and the Protestants, who love Justin and Selena.

If you are Christian and have no sense of humour, then I feel sorry for you.

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