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Kim Kardashian Has a Normal Female Body (satire)

In my opinion Kim has a normal female body that is mistaken for fat. However, upper middle class people tend to overeat in excess in response to stress.

Poor people, on the other hand, have to go without the two extra meals that constitute the "normal" three meals a day, which actually is abnormal in people over the age of 30, due to the prevalence of high carbohydrate content in those three meals.

I disagree with dieticians that you need three meals a day after the age of 30. You actually need one meal a day and lots of snacking to a maximum of 1000 calories (2000 calories if you lead a strenuous life e.g. body building and similar). YMMV

As well, the privileged tend to overindulge in high ethanol consumption over the 3-4 units a day (each unit = 10 g of ethanol) to a max of 800 ml of 5% beer / 400 ml of 10% wine / 100 ml of 40% hard liquor.

Based on the assumption of 7 calories per gram of ethanol, 40 g of ethanol == 210 calories, which is about 18% of a 1000 calorie / day intake of food.

Yes, alcohol is a food, but the privileged tend to overdo it without cutting out carbohydrates and restricting their fat intake to less dangerous fats such as coconut oil. That's why I rarely go fast food because it rarely has good fat in it.

If Kim cut out the cocktails, changed the kinds of fats she consumed and reduced her carbohydrates intake, she can easily slim down. In fact, she's shown that she can do it.

However, Kanye likes his hard liquor. If that is addressed, then I predict marital bliss for them.

Kim is obviously not drinking booze, being pregnant and all. Most likely, she is knocking back immense amounts of carbohydrates and the wrong kind of fats without doing enough exercise, and that is the reason for the high weight gain.

So her complaints about being fat are nothing new.


Kim Kardashian bellyaches about pregnancy weight gain:

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