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Thoughts on Cancer (satire)

When I mention what I would do if I got cancer, people get scared for me.

However, I do not believe in chemotherapy because, in order to fight cancer, you are given a drug to suppress your immune system and then rely on the doctors' word that chemotherapy will kill the cancer cells.

Yes, you have to have faith that the chemo won't kill you before the cancer does, because it causes nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

So basically, it's a gamble. Either the chemo kills the cancer or you die of cancer. Or, you could have the cancer removed IF it is near you navel (e.g. ovarian cancer and possibly testicular cancer, both of which do not send cancer seed cells to the liver to be spread throughout the body.

However, most people with colon cancer usually die of old age before the cancer becomes a problem. I know this to be true, because my dad died before his cancer became a problem.

So, despite being at risk for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and colon cancer, and knowing that they form slowly, I am not in a rush to get tested because oncologists make money from patients' panic.

In short, chemotherapy makes them money. It's the only "cure" because the anti-cancer medication is big money.

So they subject you to "torture" and if the cell levels are low, declare a "cure", saying your cancer is in remission.

But if you ask how cancer comes about, they give the "I don't know" song and dance, when most cancers are caused by stress and physiological changes due to cortisol and its impact on the immune system.

So ideally, a calm person is likely not to get cancer while an overstressed person might get cancer. No doubt, uptight people who keep their thoughts to themselves get cancer too.

It's how the person reacts to stress that promotes the imbalance in the body's immune system leading to cancer.

This means that, had Angelina Jolie been more laidback, she probably wouldn't have needed the pre-emptive surgeries she paid for to prevent breast and ovary cancer - yes, she cut off her breasts and got a hysterectomy to prevent cancer, which is worse than chemotherapy.

However, she is still going to get cancer because she is so much on the go that her body is in stress, even when she is minding her kids.

It's not like i just decided not to opt for chemo IF I ever got cancer yesterday. I'd decided on this circa 1994.

Would I suffer more? Maybe, but chemo causes more suffering on the longrun, because you will have to take an immunosummpressant for the rest of your life.

That means, you could die from the simple flu more easily. Even mild food poisoning could kill you.

So maybe now you see why I don't believe in chemotherapy.

If my lysine supplementation leads to cancer, then so be it. I'm sure the arginine and citrulline will moderate that.

I also would tell my doctor if I ever get tested for cancer, don't share the positives with me. While I'd be happy to hear I am free of cancer, I also do not want to know that I might have it and my immune system is happily proliferating more cancer.

Once upon a time, I had my own theory about cancer being shen (the consciousness) using chi (the living energy of the universe) due to failing ching (the libido). Because ching is limited, life is limited for each person. However, chi is almost eternal and shen gets passed on to the next generation because it is also supernatural.

Indeed, shen is also the power of a god, which is why the Chinese traditionally pray to Xuan Wu and other gods, much to the ire of the evangelical Christian converts who willingly become ignorant to the wisdom of their ancestors.

However, I am a Buddhist. I am also not Chinese. So there is no cultural bias to cloud my understanding of how chi, ching and shen work. If it came down to it, then I'd consult a TCM practitioner as part of an overall qigong regimen IF I could afford it to prevent cancer. Instead, I'll stick to my supplements and hope the increased Human Growth Factor does not trigger cancer.

Though i have heard that daily vigorous exercise for more than two hours a day is a good cancer preventative. It's lack of exercise that promotes the negative effects of stress to the point of cancer. Thus, sitting on your ass 24-7 promotes cancer while getting at least 8 hours of exercise a week reduces the chance of developing cancer.

But don't take my word for it. Google cancer. You'll be glad you did.

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