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Cell Phone Safety and Security (satire)

Statutory rape laws may be seen as sexist when they protect good girls and promote chastity. However, they punish bad girls and sex-positive minors who tend to be a growing minority among technology-savvy children.

In Canada, sexual assault is a broad term covering everything from rape to sexual blackmail, especially in the case of Amanda Todd.

Yet the RCMP concluded that, because she consented, that there was no crime committed against Amanda since she was over the age of consent. However, there is legislation pending that would make it illegal to bullying or harass anyone online. Yet most of the bullying and harassment was actually done by her peers.

Of course, they are going to let the police entrap people online to enforce it. So I expect a lot of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenges to this legislation once the Conservative government pushes it through.

In anticipation of the anti-bullying legislation becoming law in Canada, I urge everyone to secure your private phone calls both voice and text.

Currently I endorse Red Phone and Textsecure, even though I have yet to use them. Both products add a layer of security on top of texts and voice phone calls that is sorely lacking. Most cell phone calls and text messages can be decrypted since the encryption is weak. The only problem is, if you forget your password, then you have to reinstall Textsecure.


Red Phone and Textsecure for Android:

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