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Behold! The Angel of Music Stands Before You (satire)

If Justin Bieber is the angel of music, as depicted in his act, then he has stolen it from Lucifer.

This implies that Justin Bieber may be Pentecostal in his beliefs, since they have redeemed a lot of previously satanic practices, including speaking in tongues, and also Ouija boards.

However, most Christians tend to have disbelief in the Oneness of God, having fallen to the blasphemy that the Christ is God. A few of them even profess an unhealthy fear of the devil. Most Christians would be better off fearing only God.

Sadly though, the unhealthy practice of deeming ungodliness as satanic is prevalent among Christians, to the point where they practice a good versus evil dichotomy by equally fearing both God and Satan.

How foolish! No wonder a lot of Muslims have stated Christians will spend the afterlife before the Fire.

It's no coincidence that Bieber comes to the stage as the angel of music after admitting to be a Christian and praying before each act.

According to belief, Lucifer was the ministry of music and the most beautiful and “perfect” of all the angels before becoming jealous of God’s power, leaving God with no other choice than to throw him out of heaven.

Justin Bieber cashes in on this symbolism by having a bunch of speakers as "wings" as he swoops down to the stage. It is like he took back from the devil what is rightly God's.

So, in a metaphorical sense, Justin Bieber is the angel of music reborn.

Let us hope this angel can clean his wings of his past sins and redeem himself soon.

Oh, and please do not marry Selena for the sake of world peace!

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