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Ennemi de Dieu / Enemy of God (satire)

Quiconque est ennemi de Gabriel -
car il fait baisser la révélation
à votre cœur par la volonté de Dieu,
une confirmation de ce qui s'est passé avant,
et des conseils et une bonne annonce
pour ceux qui croient,

Quiconque est ennemi de Dieu
et ses anges et messagers,
Gabriel et Michael, - Lo! Dieu est un ennemi
à ceux qui ne croient pas.

Quran Surah 2: 97-98 Yusuf Ali version

Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel -
for he brings down the revelation
to your heart by God's will,
a confirmation of what went before,
and guidance and glad tidings
for those who believe,

Whoever is an enemy to God
and His angels and messengers,
to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! God is an enemy
to those who reject Faith.

Ceux qui craignent Gabriel craignent aussi Dieu.
Bien qu'ils pensent ciel est seulement pour eux,
seront surpris de la prévention des incendies.

They who fear Gabriel also fear God.
Though they think Heaven is only for them,
shall be surprised at the Fire.

It is said that when Mohammad (pbuh) replied to the Jews that Gabriel came to him to spread the message of the Quran, they expressed their fear of Gabriel due to his role in causing the walls of Jericho to fall, forgetting that the sins of the Israelite led to Jericho's fall.

In response, Gabriel spoke through Mohammad (pbuh) condemning the rejection of faith in God Almighty.

Although al-Bakarah, Surah 2, of the Quran appears at first glance anti-Semitic, rather it is a sharp rebuke to people of the Book whose egotism leads them to lack faith in God.

Thus, the Jews' hatred of Gabriel is unwarranted, since the fall of Jericho was in punishment for their lack of faith in God.

Ibn ''Abbas explained the reason of the revelation of the verse, Say: “Whoever is the enemy of Gabriel...”, in these words: “When the Prophet came to Medina, Ibn Suriya and some Jews of Fadak asked him (some questions). They said: 'O Muhammad! How do you sleep? Because we have been told about the sleep of the Prophet who would come in the last days?'

He said: 'My eyes sleep while my heart is awake.' They said: 'You are right, O Muhammad! Now tell us about the child whether it is from the man or from the woman?' He said: 'As for the bones, the nerves and the veins, they are from the man; and as for the flesh, the blood, the nails and the hairs, they are from the woman.'

They said: 'You are right, O Muhammad! Then why is it that sometimes the child resembles his paternal uncles, without having a least likeness of his maternal uncles? And sometimes he resembles his maternal uncles without having any likeness at all to his paternal uncles?' He replied: 'He resembles to that parent's (side) whose fluid dominates the other's.' They said: 'You spoke the truth, O Muhammad! Now, tell us about your Lord, what is He?' Then Allah revealed (the Chapter 112):

Say: “He, Allah is One...”

Then Ibn Suriya said: 'One (more) thing; if you tell (us) about it, I shall believe in you and follow you. Which angel is it that brings to you that which Allah reveals to you?' He said: 'Gabriel.' (Ibn Suriya) said:

'He is our enemy; he brings the (order of) fighting, hard-ship and war. And Michael brings comfort and happiness. Had it been Michael who came to you (with revelation) we would have believed in you.' ” -- Suratul Baqarah: Verses 94 − 99

It could be said Gabriel whispered in the ear of George W. Bush in the aftermath of 9-11, given the view that he is the angel of fighting, hardship and war.

However, he is also the angel of prophecy, and inspired the Quran, which is a gift from God to the Muslims. Though both Christians and Jews alike reject the Quran, the call to believe in God Almighty and to have faith in him is strong among them.

It is in error that the terms "Muslim terrorism" and "Islamist" are on the lips of Islamophobes because by generalizing terrorism and politics, they make it seem like all Muslims are terrorists and prone to bring Sharia among the rest of humanity.

This is a fallacy and runs counter to Islam itself.

For those Muslims who cry for a "Nation of Islam" that they call a Caliphate will find that it will not arise by violent action because of a bunch of fanatics dressed in black. Instead, all they will achieve is a terrorism of humanity, especially of those Muslims who are not Muslim enough for their narrow definition of what Islam is.

If their faith is so great, then why do they need guns and weapons of mass destruction? All they would need to do is pray with their fellow Muslims, educate them thoroughly, and soon Sharia shall arise.

Yet if that Sharia leads to oppression of humanity, be it Christian or Muslim, Shia or Sunni, man or woman, then these fanatics make a mockery of Islam. By killing Muslims who are not as fervent in their belief as them, they murder those people who believe there is no god but God.

How does one's faith in God justify killing their own kind? This question applies too to Christians because the Oklahoma City bombing was by a Christian terrorist. It also applies to Jews due to their terrorism practiced in the wake of the Balfour Declaration, a declaration that confirmed the British had betrayed the Hashemites and not lived up to their promise to give them the Levant.

Thus the enemies of God are the unfaithful, be it Christians, Islamists, and Jews who fight with each other, using violence be it by rhetoric or by arms. This applies to Islamophobes of all types.

However, I am an unbeliever and an apostate, being a Buddhist, and supposedly I know nothing of the ways of Christians, Jews and Muslims. Yet this is injustice, to perpetuate hatred and enmity just because of lack of faith in a merciful God.

If I can see as such, why can't people of the Book?

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