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If a Murder-Suicide Serial Killing is Domestic Terrorism, Then So is Child Abuse (Satire)

It's ironic that President Obama used the term "domestic terrorist" to describe the murder-suicide serial killer that killed women his age because he was a virgin. Yet he has never called a single pedophile a "terrorist" but may have used other code words like "monster".

IDK if a pedophile terrorizes children for years, that's a form of terrorism that is worse than what the deceased Rodger did to seven female victims. The harm is partially perpetrated by society when justice takes its time to gather evidence rather than acting to prevent it.

I know of children so scarred for life that they need strong medication to remain sedated and relatively harmless to self and others.

However, pedophilia is not always restricted to religionists but also occurs when a person with power and control over children puts his need to control others supposedly in his protection at risk. Thus, child soldiers may be considered possible victims of pedophiles. The child wives in primitive communities might also be victims.

Thankfully not everyone is on a power trip and clear heads do detect and give evidence against pedophiles.

Nobody has the right to abuse in any shape or form children. This includes cybersex. It is not loving to expose children to adult-orient chatter.

Be wary.

Report inappropriate content online but ask for GooglePlus to monitor them before shutting them down to complete a list of associates who prey on children.

As well, enable logs on Hangouts and archive evidence for GooglePlus when a pedophile appears. The evidence will support your case not the perpetrator.

Even pedophilia must be considered a terrorist act too, if the Rodgers serial killings are considered by the President of the US to be a form of domestic terrorism.

If spying on private citizens is a form of State terrorism, then abusing children is an act of terrorism against the safety and security of children.

Apart from that, I urge caution since one person's obscenity is another person's erotica. Applying an arbitrary rule that criminalizes erotica puts consumers of erotica in conflict with on-line anti-obscenity "mobs" and does violate freedom of speech.

This is why the NSFW adult communities have it right when they maintain an invitation only policy towards prospective members and a zero-tolerance towards images depicting children. It cannot be assumed that everyone is 18 and over. Instead, everything should be monitored and reported.

Let us rid the Internet of the domestic terrorists who terrorize children, be they pedophiles, child abusers and their ilk, through legal means, even if it leads to more close monitoring by authorities including the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and your local police.

Only through secure monitoring are we truly free.


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