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Authors of Destiny

Nowhere in the Bible does it state that Satan is the author of evil, for this is blasphemy. Rather, God is author of good-and-evil, which is the complement of good and evil.

For man is not only capable of great evil but also great good.

All that the devil can do is accuse or tempt us. We are perfectly capable of making mistakes on our own when temptation leads to desire.

Of course, the devil exists in Christendom. However, the devil never made a person do anything. That's merely an excuse for being wicked until one is damned by ill will.

This is why it's important to attend church regularly, and serve the church selflessly to renew your covenant with God.

That's what repentance is about.

Although God is the author of good-and-evil, people are the authors of their own destiny.

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