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JIhadi or Not Jihadi (satire)

Even though the Westernized converts to the Jihadi cult are homegrown and often mentally ill and former drug addicts, it makes you wonder exactly why the rest of the jihadis in the Islamic State are assumed to be sane.

IMO if you attack people in a Western country, you are assumed to be crazy unless fit to stand trial. What that means is you comply to the demands of the State (the Majesty's court in the Commonwealth) or its equivalent elsewhere except the Middle East.

In short, the mentally ill label is misused in the case of Westernized jihadi to mean the same as cult member. Hence, the IS warriors are just as crazy as the guys who kill Canadian soldiers.

It matters not what the guy's mother said. Labels are used to separate the sane from the insane.

Thus the mass media is resorting to a form of prejudiced profiling by labeling homegrown terrorists crazy and drug addicts.

There is even denial that they are terrorists. We can explain the Ottawa shooter as a disgruntled guy who was mad he didn't get his passport.

Then the mass media can sell "crazy guy shoots up Ottawa over passport" instead of calling a jihadi a jihadi.

IMO they are jihadi because they targeted Canadian soldiers but not pedestrians in a mall. However, it makes good copy to create doubt in the news consumers' minds.

I have no such doubt: two jihadi, homegrown, one dead and the other in jail.

It is likely the State will collaborate with the man who ran over two soldier, and it will be called an act of terrorism. Since then, all soldiers are ordered in Canada to dress like a plain-clothes ninja to blend in with the rest of Canadians.

It's about time. Out of uniform is the best disguise. Now the army can route out terrorism wherever it may start, or even instigate a riot to flush out the homegrown jihadi.

UPDATE: The late M. Zehaf-Bbibeau is not a terrorist, but a former homeless drug addict who was ignored by Ottawa and the system. Most likely he was off his medication and blamed the Canadian government for ignoring his pleas for help three years ago.

Although the shooting last week in Ottawa left two people dead, this is the Conservative government's fault for their inability to treat the homeless addicts across Canada with respect and dignity that Harper et al pays daily to people who can afford rehab.

This tragedy is preventable when compassion enables the rare politician to actually listen to them with their heart.

Karma is a bitch, ain't it, Ottawa?


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