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A note to Canada Big Brother AKA CSIS and CSEC (satire)

Disclaimer: the following is a rant re: countersurveillance in Ottawa.

To the nervous Nellies including the usual government agents monitoring my packets, archiving my web content, collecting my phone contents, and other things CSEC does "for our own good": Move right along. Nothing to see here. I am not worth the money and the time at all.

However, I recommend you monitor someone worthy like the late Ms Todd's ex-best friends and their ilk. They might still be manufacturing pornography, you know, in Grade 10 and 11. ;)

This is the truth but, as the Todd case proved, nobody can handle the truth because families would be torn apart and the children would suffer horribly, all due to the truth.

Golly gee whizz! I guess them CSIS got them some kiddie porn manufactured by a girl driven to suicide all due to lack of mother love, right Carole? :p

Anyway, like I said before, nobody who knows the case could handle the truth, so the mainstream media in BC collaborated with the RCMP using the premise that a poor little girl was stalked by an online predator. This was done to sell to the sheeple that the late Ms Todd was a victim.

This made me LOL.

Thanks for selling us a lot of BS, BC mainstream media. You averted a huge family crisis in the Lower Mainland and Central Fraser Valley, preventing massive unemployment caused by parents and their children unable to handle the whole truth, except on a very large stack of Bibles.

Speaking of which, had BC families actually attended church and read the Bible lately, they could avoid tragedies by NOT buying smartphones but buying old flip phones for their children. For the dumb phones are immune to simples hacks by blackhat hacker teenagers (mostly young males 10-24, with less than 5% young females 10-30).

Yes, I am implying most female hackers are never exposed until they finally stop hacking and have a good income starting from age 25.

How is this important to the Amanda Todd case? A few of Todd's female friends were inept hackers. The most skilled hackers have played the boys and made them cried. If you believe the myth that only men are hackers, then never forget Susie Thunder.


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