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From Darkness to Light (LDS)

If I had to censor my love for dark humor just to save lives of the suicidal, I'd feel melancholic. So please bear with me.

Keeping that in mind and having saved my soul the LDS way, perhaps suicide might prepare my lost soul for a glory so dark that "Telestial" would only add to the confusion.

Although all Christendom might call it "hell", I'd rather call it a dark glory for the wicked, a murky destination interspersed with flashes of what is mistaken for lightning but is actually the arrival of missionaries sent by God to soothe my suffering in the afterlife.

While this cosmological rationalization of the fate of the suicidal in the afterlife may be considered too deep for my followers to fully comprehend, it is designed counter the idea that the least of the LDS glories is always full of gnashing of teeth.

For my understanding of the least of the three glories of the LDS afterlife is of the fitting end to a miserable life where the term "Telestial" comes to mean "the eventual destination of the unbelievers who enjoyed their descent into the darkest of glories only to endure the home visits of elders who minister to them for all eternity."

After long consideration of such a fate, I find it so ridiculous that my melancholy has left me smiling unexpectedly!

It is not schadenfreude - that joy on realizing that suffering is universal - which inspires my change of mood from melancholy to elation.

Rather, I am thankful to the elders and sister missionaries who I have met and helped guide me towards the Light that outshines mortal understanding.

In gratitude of how the Lord works in mysterious ways, I ask myself how any melancholy withstand Him?

It cannot.

For the unconditional love of God Almighty is such that his mercy brightens the lives of all of us who accept his Only Begotten into their lives.


Telestial Kingdom:

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