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Journal Entry: August 19, 2016

Sometimes I get anxious over the thought that people lying about me. Repeatedly I will obsess about that thought.

However, I know that it isn't true.

When I think other people are lying about me, it actually is me lying to myself. This is why it's hard to write truthfully about myself, because I don't know if the truth I write about myself is actually a lie or the truth.

Overall, that uncertainty leads me to falsely assume other people are lying to me.

Sometimes when I'm this candid in my blog, a few people might object to it. However, that's their choice.

I am certain that my thoughts are better managed when I write about them. Just thinking about them isn't what the problem is.

By obsessive thinking about a concern until it becomes a worry — that is the problem.

Here is the solution:

Writing about it relieves that worry because of the change of focus from thinking about it to writing about it.

Furthermore, writing about my thoughts requires critical thinking and reasoning. In contrast, thinking when anxious only requires the irrational fear of untruth.

By writing candidly about my thoughts, I am reducing the risk factors associated with anxiety and narcissism.

Self disclosure has the risks associated with exposing my vulnerabilities to the scrutiny of public opinion, but it is counteracted by the narcissism inherent in maintaining a blog.

Thus the benefits of writing about my thoughts and feelings on my blog outweigh these risks.

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