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Disinformation about Grow-ops in Canada Fueled By Anti-Marijuana Propaganda (satire)

When you look over the statistics about marijuana grow-ops in Canada, the follow three facts become apparent:

  1. One in twenty grow-ups in Canada are related to gangs and criminal activity.
  2. 6 percent of all grow-ups have guns.
  3. Police overestimate the number of grow-up by 100 percent — if police estimate 100 grow-ops in a city, then there actually only 50.
Apparently the Ministry of Justice ignores these facts and the Harper government justified the harsher marijuana laws in the Narcotics Control Act by acting on the disinformation the police presented regarding grow-ops. Thus the result of such laws is to criminalize 95 percent of grow-ops, which are mom and pop operations. As well, 94 percent of grow-ops are clean of firearms. Yet both the mainstream media and the police routine claim otherwise, in order to justify harsh penalties in the section of the Narcotics Control Act regarding marijuana. Therefore the marijuana laws are based on fallacies perpetuated by the various police forces across Canada. Thus they are based on propaganda not facts. For our elected politicians base their decisions about marijuana based on #propaganda that over-inflates of the facts about marijuana grow-ops. Therefore the marijuana laws are based on hyperbole not truth. In essence, the mass media news outlets and police forces in Canada ignore and suppress the truth about grow-ops to justify marijuana prohibition. A law based on fallacies is a law that profits the State and penalizes the People unjustly. Hiding the truth about marijuana grow-ops scares the one-percent so much that their anti-marijuana lobbyists contribute to the cultural genocide of harmless marijuana advocates, most of whom are law-abiding citizens with no ties to gangs. Taxpayers are being duped into thinking marijuana grow-ops are criminal operations, when only 5 percent of grow-ops are run by gangs, and only 6 percent of all grow-op cases are associated with firearms. IMO the only purpose of the anti-marijuana hype is to make it seem as though the Harper government is doing something about gangs and criminal activity associated with marijuana. It only proves the continued criminalization of marijuana will continue to be a game of political one-upmanship. For the disinformation about marijuana grow-ops in Canada — especially in British Columbia — is fuelled by the anti-marijuana propaganda machine consisting of mass media news outlets and police forces across Canada.
Media and police not talking straight about pot:

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