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No one's Hands are Clean in the Middle East (satire)

State terrorism in Israel is the mother of Islamic terrorism. America supports the terrorism Israel perpetrates on Palestinians.

Ergo salafi terrorism is justifiable in the eyes of al Qaeda but not in the eyes of the West.

However Muslim terrorists, IDF and America are guilty of war crimes and facilitate terrorism.

Evidence: America supports Chechen freedom fighters. The US also supports Israel providing arms and financial aid. America does so to avoid being labelled anti-Semitic.

Israel has terrorized Palestinians since before 1948. Sharon is guilty of war crimes. For every Israeli killed by Palestinian militants Israel kills 100+. Therefore the state of Israel has been terrorizing Palestinians for over 65 years. Even the forced removal of Bedouin people is state terrorism.

As well, America condones covert racism. The Indian Wars were ethnic cleansing and genocide. Today the oppression of Hispanic illegal aliens is racist.

The oppression of poor people in North Carolina is class warfare by its elites. Its blacks in the prison population are survivors of endemic racism.

Yet without American aid Israel would be unable to terrorize Muslims living within its borders.

For the only purpose of American support of Israel is to ensure that its Muslim neighbor Iraq remains host to al Qaeda which was once a valuable CIA asset. Now the jihadis are the valuable assets of the gulf states specifically Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

As well, it is most likely that Bahrain's Arab Spring failed due to Saudi aid since the ruling party is run by Saudis.

Ergo Saudi Arabia may also facilitate and possibly support terrorism in the Middle East along with Russia and China.

However, the problem began when Great Britain and French facilitated Zionist terrorism against Palestinian Arabs before Israel's founding in 1949.

No one's hands are clean in the Middle East because it's all about the money.

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