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The Moderation Method: The Glass is Both Half Empty and Half Full!

Even if my life didn't turn out well as my classmates who graduated in 1976, then I will still insist that I would never change what I did other than get more sleep.

I have a method to deal with life.

My method is to always bounce back from any short stumble, be it financial or what have you (depression, anxiety, upsets).

For someone to tell me such and such is for my own good without any humor is too mercenary for my tastes. You may think you are helping me, but it's like sticking a knife in me to tell me "It's for your own good."

How dare you to think you know what's good for me?

It is not rude to say "I understand", because that beats anything that self help books and the inspirational speaker can give me! ;)

I too have found nobody likes what they mistake for wavering i.e. to honestly state the truth that the glass is half empty and half full, while around you the realists cry "you cannot have both!!!"

Um... Sorry, most hard cases at the mental health clinic ooze with seeing the mirror darkly and insisting that the cup is half empty. Is it really up to me to help my brother who also suffers when he insists that he has to be honest with his feelings?

That's not honesty; that's a form of subtle violence against all the positive feelings which we bottle up until we only have negative ones to practice.

Truth is, when you're home and isolated to the point where you think being home is more "normal" than talking with someone, then you're maladapted, and no one may change your mind unless they talk as I do now.

Yes, I am mildly maladapted but I'm trying to show the positive and the negative, because balanced expression beats gazing in that dark mirror.

If this offends anyone who insists on the safety of the hearth over dealing with life outside, then I believe deep down that talking to someone hurts less than your reluctance to share with a trusted friend.

All the anxiety you have might have you to believe your delusions about other people are real. A person is only real when they can glow with positive vibes whilst explaining how they conquer the negative ones daily.

Hopefully the gentle reader is clear of mind enough to see the beauty of positive thinking in what I write.

Originally posted November 9, 2012 at 6:45 PM PST

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